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Sally Johns Design, being a full-service design shop founded in the late 70s, evolved through the old days of camera-shot, paste-up art presented on boards solely intended for use in the offset printing world in some manner. Forty years pass and the delivery of important marketing content has undeniably changed. Some would argue for the better, others perhaps sharing a less enthusiastic view. Regardless, the view at Sally Johns Design has not changed. The focus remains the same — quality of services delivered — just as it was in 1978.

However, the methods of promoting those services changed in a big way. The days of sitting across a conference room table with an open portfolio are rare. Today many presentations occur across states rather than tables. A design firm has to make an initial impression delivered on a device, in most cases. The adage "first impressions" remains intact. The ability to deliver first quality marketing design solutions has to be immediately evident to the prospective client, not to mention timeliness of delivery and cost efficiency.

The following three websites represent our particular path toward that quest:


Current website redesign
Over time, the website was redesigned to the currently published 2020 release. It hopes to accommodate the full spectrum of users and devices that it might encounter, without impeding its original goal: Full expression of all the Sally Johns Design services through presentation of its portfolio of work, no matter the mode of delivery chosen by the viewer.

In with the new.



First use of database-driven content
Sally Johns Design's previous stage website kept a focus on the quality of delivery via the development of CMS. Upon publishing, it served its purpose for viewing predominately on desktop, but the explosion of user devices and the growing dependence on them revealed the need to expand the site-build to a responsive and friendly delivery.

Out with the old.



Original SJD website

The earliest Sally Johns Design website was static HTML, as seen here at Of course, in the years before database web apps, delivering websites to a user's browser (i.e., AOL or Netscape variety) could be tricky. Static HTML solutions were the only available options early on. Delivering the portfolio in its best light was the prime focus.